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The Squiggler a.k.a Sara

· about me ·

I'm about as ordinary and sane as a woman can be who has survived the meltdown of a 32 year marriage, the death of a parent, a major move, and major surgery, all within the past 3 years. Actually, I am, in so many ways, happier now than I've been since I was an empty-headed teen. Starting over from scratch does that. I have some age-related aches, that's true, but my attitude remains young-at-heart, upbeat, and free spirited. I would say that an active and curious mind best describes me. Oh, yes, I am a political junkie, too.

I am not ashamed to admit that I'm actively seeking a new life partner. So, if you are a single male, between the ages of 55 and 65, intelligent, thoughtful, and have a life philosophy based on common sense and want the same ... then why not send me an email or post a tag and let's talk. I own my own home in California, but I very much want to retire on a lake somewhere NOT in California.

Name: The Squiggler a.k.a Sara <squiggler@squiggles.com>
The Squiggler

Age: 73 Years Old (5/7/1945)
Location: Temecula, California, United States

  • Violence and Cruelty toward others make me sad and angry too.
  • cockroaches
  • social worker and hall monitor types
  • control freaks
  • secular elitists
  • "Metro Sexuals"