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Thursday the 18th of August 2005

6:04 PM

What's an "old gal" supposed to do?

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Apparently I'm too old and too out of touch skill-wise to be employable. At least that is what the consensus of employers have said to me in the past few weeks as I struggle desperately to find a job. I made it through two interviews with one employer who had a job listed where the requirements looked like they had copied my resume. It was for the type of work that I have over 20 yeras of experience doing. Yet, when I got down to the final cut I was told that since I hadn't used Powerpoint on a job for over five years, my skills weren't up to their level of need. The fact that I'm a Powerpoint expert who has used Powerpoint and other more up-to-date or sophistiated presentation  programs outside a paid job setting during that same five year period doesn't count.  I heard the same type of rejection language from another company who said that because I had not worked outside the home for the past five years, they could not rely on my "really" knowing how to navigate the Internet. I thought they were joking and so I pointed out that I not only know how to navigate the Interent (I've been navigating online since 1987), but that I design websites and have several of my own. Ah, but I couldn't point to an employer who had paid me to do my Internet navigating. What a crock!

Of course, what they can't say because the law doesn't allow it is: "you are too damn old!" I'd like to know what a person is supposed to do who is too young to draw retirement or social security, yet still needs to make house payments, drive a car, and, oh yes, even eat.

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Posted by ck:

I can't believe you are having that much trouble when you so obvioiusly have great skills. Hopefully some employer will recognize that sooner rather than later.
Friday the 19th of August 2005 @ 9:26 AM

Posted by OTTMANN:

My advice is to get out of CA fast. Move to a red state and start looking there.
Thursday the 18th of August 2005 @ 9:20 PM