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Wednesday the 17th of August 2005

12:31 AM

Some Iraq Facts

I hear active duty Generals and retired General pundits, returning soldiers and marines, and almost all who visit Iraq come back and say the media is skewing the picture in Iraq and supporting those who want us to cut and run. Now we know that the agenda of the cut and run crowd is simple ... trash the military and anyone who believes in them. Oh they say they support the troops but their hatred runs too deep to believe that fallacy. We aren't supposed to criticize those who have captured Cindy Sheehan even as she desecrates her son's sacrifice and encourages our enemies. Bill O'Reilly (FOX) says "those who want us to lose in Iraq are bad Americans." I'm sure his mailbox is overflowing tonight with all the idiots who will say we are losing in Iraq and then go into a long littany of why we shouldn't have gone in the first place. I say who cares? We are there and we aren't losing and we have no intention of losing and we aren't coming home until the job is done.

Some perspective is needed. The following charts have been pulled from a report to Congress measuring the Stability and Security of Iraq. It is obvious that the majority of Iraq is relatively secure. It is also obvious that we are not losing. Is there much to be done? Yes, of course there is. Where were we after 2 years into WWII? Or after the war with German reconstruction? And more importantly, consider the other positives that we've accomplished since 11 Sep 2001 with Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon, even some reform in Saudia Arabia. This isn't an hour long TV program that gets neatly wrapped up in 50 minutes, this is real life. Over 50+ million people have experienced democratic elections and are beginning to get comfortable with self-government. Considering that the mental state of the entire country was akin to an abused spouse trying to find independence after years of abuse and iron-fisted control, I think both the U.S. and the Iraqis are doing a pretty good job.


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Posted by The Squiggler a.k.a Sara:

Thanks Mauser*Girl for the heads up. Apologies all around for my "operator error" in forgetting to link to published graphics. They should all be visible now.
Wednesday the 17th of August 2005 @ 11:03 PM

Posted by Mauser*Girl:

Your images don't work in this post. But regardless, I wanted to say this is a nice blog and thanks for supporting the troops.
Wednesday the 17th of August 2005 @ 10:37 PM