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Friday the 12th of August 2005

12:28 PM

Pet Peeve

  • Mood: You missed me, didn't you?
  • Creativity Level: High
  • Weather: Perfection

Now that the blistering heat (with humidity) has ended here in Southern California, I can get back to working at my computer. My home office is in the loft upstairs in my home. And although there is good cross ventilation, this area is the hottest/steamiest part of my house. Most of the year this is a good thing as I can work all Fall, Winter and Spring without running the furnace and my feet still stay warm. Keeping my feet warm is a major undertaking for me because when my feet are cold, I'm cold all over and even worse than being hot is being cold. However, this past six weeks or so has been brutal and beyond endurance. My indoor/outdoor thermometer showed 122 degrees outside and 105 degrees inside a couple of weeks ago. And yes, I do have central air conditioning, but I'm a desperately broke woman on a fixed income and I cannot afford to cool a 3000 square foot house in order to get an area the size of my computer desk cool enough to be tolerable.

Now that I can work again, I have begun by surfing Blog Explosion. I enjoy surfing Blog Explosion to see and read about new technology and sceinetific breakthroughs that I wouldn't ordinarily be exposed to in the course of my daily life. I also enjoy the photography sites ... there are some incredibly talented people out in the blogosphere. I also like to see how others' minds are working in regard to the issues of the day, particularly the political issues. And sometimes I want to leave a comment ... which brings me to my PET PEEVE.

I do not like blogs that require me to log in. I don't mean just leaving my name and/or email. I'm talking about a full registration process. I don't like blogs that *require* me to leave a "friend's email" in order to post my comment. I don't like blogs that limit comments to 300 characters. 300 characters is barely enough to get your question asked or to give an introductory comment explaining why you are responding to an article on the blog. So, in other words, I don't like eBlogger blogs. Three hundred characters is approximately 3 lines of text on the standard entry box. And if comments are to be limited to 300 characters, then they should give you a character count so that you can see how much needs to be deleted to meet the maximum allowed.

Maybe I have it wrong, but I thought one of the interests of blogging and of reading blogs was their interactivity. To me, political blogging especially is like a worldwide townmeeting. Having such a convoluted comment process like the eBlogger blogs is like browbeating someone to shut up and not comment.


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