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Thursday the 14th of July 2005

10:34 AM

Ground Zero

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I heard a discussion the other night on the O'Reilly Factor (FOX) regarding the plans for what should be included in the rebuilding of the area destroyed on September 11th.

The Civil Liberties spokesperson was putting forth that Ground Zero should be called "The Freedom Center" and be devoted to ALL who have given their lives for freedom. He included in this list those who fought the Nazis and those of the Civil Rights Movement as well as the anti-slavery movements, etc.

The Families of 9/11 spokesman was putting forth that Ground Zero should be called "The 9/11 Center" and be a memorial to those who lost their lives at Ground Zero.

I tend to agree with the latter.

We have other memorials and museums to inform and honor many freedom loving and freedom fighting groups throughout our own American history and throughout the world. The Ground Zero center is a gravesite and should be honored as such. To add in museums and memorials for a much larger "concept of freedom" in general would be like putting someone else's epitath on my tombstone or putting someone else's biographical information into my father's obituary. The information may be interesting and relevant, but wouldn't belong.

Ground Zero should be what it is ... a gravesite and memorial to those who died there. I vote for keeping it focused on the event it is intended to portray and honor and calling it simply "The 9/11 Center."


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Posted by Mama Mouse:

I agree totally ... and have felt that way since that day. It is a hallowed place ... the only place left that the families of the victims can go and still feel even the tiniest bit close to their lost loved ones.

I'm sick of those trying to make it something that it is NOT. Let it BE ... Let those who lost people there have SOME solace!
Sunday the 17th of July 2005 @ 2:27 PM

Posted by Jay:

Awesome! I completely agree.
Friday the 15th of July 2005 @ 6:46 PM