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Thursday the 23rd of June 2005

1:07 AM

A Proud Mom

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Every once in awhile something happens that makes you realize that maybe you didn't do such a bad job after all. Today was one of those days.

As a Mom, of course I love both my son and adopted daughter. Today I can say that I am really proud of my son.

He is "back East" for the Summer coaching a team in the New England College Baseball League. This is a new experience for him. For the past two years he has been an assistant coach on the community college level here in So. California. Today he gave his first live radio interview. All the team games are broadcast live over the Internet, so we get to hear the games as they are played. Some days, before the game begins, the announcer will do live interviews with some of the players or the coaches. Today was my son's turn and he was TERRIFIC! I'm not just saying this because I'm his Mom. If you knew our relationship, you'd know that I can sometimes be brutally honest with my critiques and he expects me to be. I could not find one thing in today's interview that deserved anything but highest praise from his descriptive vocabularly, the intelligence that came through in his answers, to his speaking skill ... no ums, ohs, uhs, or stutters ... and his smooth transitions and his ability to answer the questions in an interesting manner without becoming overly wordy or boring. If I were giving a grade, his professionalism would get him an A++.

I think what surprised me the most in hearing him was how good his voice sounded. My son has a deep voice that can be rough or raspy sounding sometimes. He has never been a talker. But today that deep voice came through as pleasant and I could not detect even a hint of the roughness. And not a single outward sign of nervousness, even though I knew from talking to him on the phone about an hour before the interview that he was a basketcase of nerves.

So, I cried as I listened. A Mom's prayers answered ... a very very very  proud Mom tonight.

PS: I know a first live interview doesn't equate with having a son or daughter in a war zone performing a hero's job, but for a few minutes today my son performed heroically in my eyes and to my ears.

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